The LEAF Virtual Farm Walk
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LEAF, Linking Environment And Farming

For teachers

The Virtual Farm Walk - like a real farm - is a great place for learning for all key stages of the national curriculum. From maths to geography, art to English, science to IT, the Virtual Farm Walk gives children the chance to understand what happens in the countryside to produce food and care for wildlife. Carefully, clearly and honestly the host farmers show how farm animals are kept, which machines are used, what is done to create and protect habitats for insects, mammals and birds, what goes on in the farm office and where the food produced on British farms is sold.

The Dig Deeper section offers older children the chance to think about topical food and farming issues.

How to use it

As a class, in groups or as individuals children can explore the farm on-line. The whole walk can take up to 30 minutes but each stop can take less than 5 minutes. If you prefer to download the Virtual Farm Walk then please visit the LEAF website.


The Virtual Farm Walk is interactive and encourages children to explore farming and the countryside. Challenges along the way include pond-dipping and sorting food chains from field to shop.

Choose from the range of supporting task sheets (on the right of this page) developed for different age groups.

Get busy

These 'get busy' sheets for different aged children help interpretation and learning.

Farms are fascinating

For some of the sheets, you may want to use some of the photographs from the Virtual Farm Walk picture gallery.

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