The LEAF Virtual Farm Walk
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LEAF, Linking Environment And Farming

Dig deeper

Farming is often in the news. This section is to help you Dig deeper to hear farmers' views on lots of important and topical issues surrounding how our food is grown and how this affects the countryside. Watch and listen to our farmers below and discuss with your teacher and friends what you think about what you have heard.

Start - Growing perfect melons in SenegalGrowing perfect melons in Senegal

How to grow top quality melons? Senegal's melon story reveals the secrets of success in Africa for producing and then shipping delicious fruits to Europe.

Start - Solar-powered irrigationSolar-powered irrigation

In Africa farmers are using energy from the sun to provide the power to pump the water from river to field, to give what the crops need - one drip at a time.

Start - Fascinating field fridges in AfricaFascinating field fridges in Africa

African farmers use 'charcoal coolers' to store their crops before packing. Could you make a fridge with pieces of wood, some netting, a length of pipe and some charcoal?

Start - Does food choice affect the countryside?Does food choice affect the countryside?

Six farmers fill a shopping basket to show you how what you choose to buy and eat affects what farmers do and the look of the landscape.

Start - The Green Bean StoryThe Green Bean Story

Join us as we follow a crop of green beans all the way from the farm field in Kenya to the shop shelf here in the UK. We meet the farmers, pickers and packers in the green been story.

Start - The Pineapple StoryThe Pineapple Story

Come with us to Ghana to meet the characters, and see the care and the commitment that brings pineapples from the field to the store, prepared and ready to eat.

Start - Can farming and wildlife co-exist?Can farming and wildlife co-exist?

Some people think agriculture is bad for the natural world. In this video six farmers explain what they do to produce food and care for the countryside and wildlife.

Start - Which farmer would you rather be?Which farmer would you rather be?

There are so many types and sizes of farms in the UK. Two farmers - one with a large business and one with a small one - explain what their farming lives are like.

Start - How do farms use water wisely?How do farms use water wisely?

Water is precious, but crops need it to grow. So farmers need to collect, store, use and re-use water carefully on the farm.