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Careers in farming

There are lots of interesting jobs on farms - and connected with farming. Many farms and food or farming businesses are looking for young people who want a fascinating and rewarding career.

Jobs in agriculture

The food and farming sector employs 3.5 million people in the UK, which is nearly 1 in every 7 jobs. There is work with crops and animals, with machinery, and in research. There are jobs in processing and food manufacturing and marketing - and many, many more.

Find a job in food and farming

Visit a farm on Open Farm Sunday which may give you ideas about what working in farming is like.

EDGE careers - is a service to educate, develop, grow and employ people taking their first steps into careers in the food and farming industries.

EDGE works with employers to find the staff they need to boost their business. EDGE listens to young people interested in starting a career in food and farming to discuss the next steps to take.

About Apprenticeships

A great way to earn as you learn in a job is through an apprenticeship. There are lots of farming and food industry apprenticeships. EDGE careers has information about these and other opportunities available nationally in the UK. To find out more call EDGE Careers on 01603 881 979.

Young apprentices explain their work and training.

Two young people in Somerset find out how many jobs there are connected with dairy farming.

Watch a young farm manager and apprentice explain what itís like to work with the machinery on a large arable or crop farm in Norfolk.

There are lots more case studies to enjoy.